Monday, 6 February 2012


This morning we got up really early. Like, really early. Like 7.30. Okay, so not that early, but early enough. We walked to the train station and jumped on a 9.07 train for Munich. I had Burger King for breakfast. That's right. Challenge me, I dare you! It was yum. The 6-7 hour train trip went quite quickly for me because we had on cabin of six seats to ourselves. It was extremely Harry Potter-esque, and therefore tres exciting. And I could put the armrest up and lie down. So I did, and I slept for quite a bit. The countryside was again, stunningly beautiful, with and without snow. Apart from some truly heinous train sandwiches (that we took two bites of and had to throw away), it was a very pleasant ride. When we got to Munich, our hostel was about two minutes walk from the Hauptbahnhof, so it was easy as pie to get to. We are in a private 4-bed room, with our own bathroom, and it's definitely the roomiest accommodation since our Paris apartment. It's very nice. The hostel is extremely organised with bars/tours/laundry etc.

We dressed up warm to go on a beer tour, which takes you to the beer halls and beer gardens in Munich, as it's very cultural. But the tours don't run if there aren't at least ten people, and when we fronted up, it was just Alfie, Sean and I. So the tour didn't run, but we had a nice chat to the tour guide. Instead, we came back to the hostel. Happy Hour runs from 6pm-9pm and they have FANTASTIC specials. So we went down to the bar and met a guy from Dublin, who had extremely helpful travel advice for both Dublin and Munich, and a guy from Moscow who had a strong fondness for Cara. Unfortunately, the language barrier was also pretty strong. It's only 8.30pm here, and I plan on going back down to socialise, but I am getting extremely tired. Tomorrow we want to do a Free Tour, and maybe see if the Beer Tour is running again. On Wednesday we want to do a full day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle (Mum!!) so we can't tire ourselves out.

Miss ya'll! Hope you're enjoying the weather!

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