Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello Paris, my old friend :)

This morning was extremely lazy. Too lazy. We lazed about after we had checked out and then found we were running late for the train to Paris. We had to get this train. We have connecting flights and Eurostar, not to mention booked accommodation that we couldn't cancel. Cut to Cara, Sean and I running full pelt down Passeig de Gracia dragging all our luggage, but we MADE IT! In a sweaty, sweaty heap, we piled onto our train after running to the metro and catching it to Sants Estactio. We then spent the next hour and a half chatting to a really friendly couple from Texas while we trained to Figeures-Vilafant. Then we hopped on our connecting train to Paris Lyon which took 6 hours. It was a very long six hours, filled with snoozing, iPods, e-readers and a killer game of Jetpack on Cara's iPhone.

We arrived in Paris about 8pm (Bonsoir, Paris! Je t'aime!) and caught the metro to Gare du Nord where we bid adieu to Cara, who was going to meet Alfie at the airport hotel, so they can get their flight tomorrow. Then Sean and I headed to our hotel, very close to Gare du Nord and just steps from Montmartre! We checked in and then went and found kebabs. We chatted to some travellers from Hannover, who were lovely and are now sitting in our room. There is no wi-fi, so by the time I post this, I may be in London! Our room is gorgeous. It is tiny, with a double bed, a sink, a tiny little desk and a wardrobe. There is flowered wallpaper on the wall and hideous carpet, and it is just so bohemian and quintessentially French. I could live in something like this, and be a starving artist, or a tortured writer or something. We even got a bottle of cheap, red wine and poured it into disposable cups and Sean's camping utensils. And it tasted so much better than any Australian red wine I've had. Vive la France!

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