Thursday, 23 February 2012

I want to live here.

This morning I Skyped home and chatted with Mum, Dad, Sim and MARNIE! It was great to see/hear her finally! And Simon is much older and wiser now he is an uncle. Then Sean and I had a huge pub breakfast again, before hightailing it over to the National Theatre to do the backstage tour. I did this four years ago and I loved it, and I thought Sean would love it to. It was just as great this time. We saw the Olivier Theatre and the Lyttelton Theatre (the Cottesloe Theatre had a show running so we couldn't see it this time. But I remember it from last time and its a black box theatre with completely movable seats. It seats between 200-400). We got to actually walk around the stage of the Lyttelton. The set was for Juno and the Paycock and the level of detail was amazing. There are parts of the set that the audience can't see, but these have still been treated as though they are on display to help the actors feel in character. The same kind of things has been done to some costumes. There was lace on the corset for My Fair Lady, hidden by the dress, but it helped the actress feel in character. Then they took us backstage where all the sets are built and the guide showed us a puppet from War Horse! She got in and made the head and ears move. It was brilliant and I would really love to see the show. Apparently it is coming to Aus later this year...

After the tour I had to run to Kings Cross to meet the girls at Platform 9 and 3 Quarters!! YAYY! Sean went to meet Adam and the girls and I took our pics and then went to St Pauls Cathedral. There is a huge tent city outside at the moment, but St Pauls was just as beautiful as I remember. I could spend all day sitting in there. I lit some candles for my family because I miss them! After St Pauls, we went and had Japanese food and then went to Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road. My. Goodness. I could spend alllllll day in there. All week. All month, nay, YEAR even. There is over 7 miles of books, and I only got the first floor done while I was there. And I didn't buy too much either! By the time we got back it was about 8pm and Cara and I went for an epic laundromat search but to no avail. We will probably have to wait until Liverpool to wash our clothes, but never mind!

Big day tomorrow. Lots to get done. Wish us luck! xx

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