Thursday, 16 February 2012

Barcelona! (and Milan and train of no space)

'Scuse the lack of blog yesterday, all! I was on an overnight train, with no wi-fi. It was subsequently the longest train ride in the history of the universe. And incredibly, INCREDIBLY squashed. It makes sense, I understand that its a train, they have to be economic with space, yada yada, but seriously. I paid 75 euro for that bed and I could pretty much not move. Also extremely tired today as sleep was minimal. Before any of this though, we slept in and left La Spezia at a pretty cruisey pace. We were on a train to Milan for a few hours and then had to kill a few hours in Milan Central. It was excruciatingly boring, to put it mildly, but we took turns minding the stuff and going for walks which broke it up a bit. We were sharing with a gorgeous older Italian woman from Rome who told us all about her lovely son and his family who she was visiting in Madrid. Later, another Italian woman joined us but she had no English, so the older one translated a bit, which was lovely. The train was squished, and when we arrived in Barcelona this morning, we were all incredibly sore, smelly and tired.

We made our way slowly from the station to the hostel, walking lots and taking the metro so it took a while to reach our destination. I nearly cried with relief when we got here. And then I had a shower! A SHOWER!! It was the best thing ever. And then we put our clothes in to be washed. All our clothes. They will now be all lovely and clean. I need to go get jeans, lunch, groceries, money and paella for dinner, so I will maybe blog a bit later on. Toodles all!


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