About Me

I live in Melbourne and love getting my feet dirty in other countries. I can't stand the taste of coffee, but I do enjoy coffee-flavoured cake. Also many types of tea, hot chocolate, and chai lattes.

I'm a librarian at an academic library and a library service officer delivering programs and support at a public library. I get the best of both worlds, and I am loving the differences and experiences I encounter every day.

I could talk all day about Jane Austen, the Brontes', Harry Potter, Roald Dahl's children's books, European and Australian history, and World War Two narratives.

I can also talk at length about Australian politics, feminism and intersectionality, and religion vs. faith, though engage me with the knowledge that I get passionate about my ideas.

I have written for Theatrepeople, Express Media (Buzzcuts and Voiceworks), SYN Media and Reader's Digest Australia. I have also written several manuscripts in various stages of the editing process. Talk to me. I like people.

(I also like lists, as you may have discerned).

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