Sunday, 26 February 2012

Last whole day in London (for now!)

I slept in today!! YAYYYY!!! Then we were up and ready for the day in time to meet the girls at the Churchill War Rooms at 1.30. That was an interesting experience and I really enjoyed it. You basically walk around the underground rooms that are more or less as they were during WW2 and you are in the nerve centre of the political response to the war. You could see cabinet meeting rooms, the map rooms, the sleeping quarters (including Churchill's bedroom) and the rooms full of phones and morse code machines etc. Fascinating stuff. There is also an incredibly comprehensive museum on Churchill's life there. Next we ducked into St James Park to go squirrel-watching - a complete success - and then met Andy at the market we went to near Waterloo station last night. We had more delicious dinners/drinks/desserts and then trained to Tower Hill where we met Adam for a Jack the Ripper tour. We did the tour with a group called Rippin Yarns and all the tour guides are Beefeaters who live in the Tower of London! Our guide was a very entertaining man named Simon and he took us on a walk through Whitechapel to the sights of some of the Ripper's grisly crimes. He also had some truly disgusting facts and pictures to share with us and some great theories about the identity of the Ripper. It was a really creepy tour to do, especially at night, and Simon was good at scaring the crowd with sudden noises and movements. Afterwards Sean and I went for a drink with Adam and now I am back at the hotel, attempting to pack. Liverpool tomorrow!!

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