Sunday, 30 December 2012

On the eve....

So here we are, pretty much a year to the day since I started this blog and a lot has changed, and a lot really hasn't. I kept going with the blog! Ha! New Years Resolution 2012 TICK TICK TICK. It doesn't matter that the posts were shamefully few and far between since I got back from overseas, I think I averaged about one a month or something so it COUNTS.

And overseas! The best trip of my life. Health concerns not counted of course, but I have to thank God for not letting such concerns ruin my trip. I saw some of the most amazing places in the world and I have an absolute swagload of memories to share with my friends and my boyfriend, who (BEWARE: MUSH) I have grown to love properly and more than I thought possible. Not that I didn't love him before. But I now realise that love needs to be challenged in order to appreciate the strength of it correctly. We have been together for over three years now and its only recently that we experienced our first real speedbumps and I'm pretty happy that we did. Because our relationship didn't fall in a heap at the first sign of trouble. My parents have been married a few years short of three decades and I have only now woken up to the fact that all relationships take work, and no relationship - none, NIL - is always trouble-free. That's life, peeps. Okay, relationship rant is over now, but seriously, yay my boyfriend. I love him. <3

I finished a book! (I actually finished two, but one of them was so completely and utterly woeful that I stuck it in a drawer and haven't touched it since). And I sent the first bit of the decent book to an agency and they requested the whole thing!! And I'm still waiting to hear from them sooooo....*crosses fingers, toes, all manner of appendages*

I continued with my Masters and have reached the conclusion that I probably won't finish it and perhaps it is not for me. An unfortunate decision to reach after the time and money spent on it so far, but again, LIFE! No matter.

I've started a new job which I already know will not be a full-time career prospect, and it has presented its own set of challenges, but I am committed to it for as long as 2013 goes the way of suiting it in my life. I am feeling a bit crazy, as though I'm standing on the ledge over the rest of my life and I need to make some kind of important career decision before I jump into it, but there are so many things floating around my head that I can't decide which option to snatch out the air. (Hopefully) time will tell.

SO: 2013.

I don't like making huge sweeping numbers of resolutions (I used to not do resolutions purely because I didn't want the pressure of sticking to them) but I have just a couple of bits for the coming year.

1. Cook more (this I am probably least optimistic about, but dammit, it's going on the list)

2. Lose all my cortisone/holiday weight (I have the exact number in my head and a loose plan, but that's my business *sticks out tongue*)

3. Write a novel, or at least a manuscript, that I can show my grandmother/elderly friends without blushing and wishing they wouldn't read it.

4. Keep blogging, but more frequently.

And to you all, people I love and hold near and dear, people I don't know too well, those I don't much like at all, and to anyone I have not yet met, I wish only the best and brightest things for you in 2013. Have a great year. xoxo