Monday, 20 February 2012

London Calling

Apparently Sean had too much wine last night, because he thought he'd set our alarm for 8.15, but it went off at 9.15. I appreciated the extra sleep, but it meant we missed breakfast, so we went and got pain au chocolat and baguettes instead! Yay! Then we walked up to Sacre Coeur and it was sunny and beautiful and full of pushy dudes trying to show us a 'magic trick' with a piece of string so their mates could pickpocket us. Again, I reiterate: Europe, we are too smart for you (touch wood). Stop trying to scam us or I will throw a fit. Afterwards we headed back to the Moulin Rouge, where our tour had started last time, and walked up the hill towards Van Gogh's house, passing the Amelie cafe and buying earrings from a souvenir shop. Then we headed a different way down the road, a way we hadn't been, and ended up finding the Church of Saint-Jean-de-Montmartre. It was open, so I went in and sat down for about 20 minutes because I needed soul food. It was peaceful and lovely. Then we got pistachio and nutella macarons and headed back to the hotel to grab our stuff. We got to Gare du Nord with nearly two hours to spare and prepared ourselves for a long wait, but it turned out to be a blessing because checking-in and going through customs took FOREVER. We got a huge grilling from the UK customs guy and he asked us about 40 million questions. But he eventually let us through and we hopped on the Eurostar. I slept for most of the trip and then we were in LONDON!! It took a while to get through the Metro to Wembley Central, but it felt so long because my bag is so heavy. I will send lots home this week! Once we got to the hotel, we dumped our stuff and then found an awesome pub nearby with really cheap and awesome meals. Then we headed back, I washed my hair (finally) and we met up with the girls! Yay!! Minus Andy, because it turns out her plane doesn't arrive until tomorrow. Boo. But nevermind, we will see her then!

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