Sunday, 5 February 2012

Laundry day (guest appearance by snow)

Today was our second (and last) full day in Prague. There was so much I wanted to fit in today and I ended up doing a grand total of not much. I was too tired. And I figure I never would have fitted everything in anyway so I'll just have to come back another time. I think I would stay for a week next time. And preferably not when temperatures are reaching record lows.

I slept in, having nothing specific to wake up for, which I'm starting to think of as a real luxury. After slow breakfast, slow shower, and slow Facebooking, Sean and I took some laundry to a laundromat and went to investigate tickets to Munich. Our train leaves at 9.07am tomorrow, but the train station won't take long to walk to, so I think we'll be right. The language barrier has been, I think, the most difficult in Prague. Dutch and Czech are much harder to speak than French or German, but everyone in The Netherlands speaks pretty much perfect English, so we didn't notice it much in Amsterdam. But in Prague, there are not too many fluent English speakers. Which is totally, 100% fine. As I've said before, I am staggered at their abilities to cope with such an influx of international languages. In Australia we don't really have any need to learn much other than English, so we don't fully appreciate how difficult it must be to deal with tourists who don't speak our language on a daily basis.

As we walked back from the laundry, it began to snow. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. It was light snow, it kind of flew at your face and you could feel yourself inhaling the flakes, and they tickled your skin. I've not actually been outside while snow has been falling before and it was magic. It was very peaceful. So much so, that when I got home with my laundry, I went for a walk. I bought some earrings (as I've decided they will be my staple souvenir from each city) and I bought a cup of mulled wine from a street vendor. And it wasn't even cold enough to bother me, because I hadn't been standing in it for three hours like I was the day before. But it was lovely, walking through Prague while it snowed. I tried really hard to imprint as much of it on my memory as I could.

Since I got back I have done a lot of lazing about. We had more of Cara's spaghetti for dinner and Sean has gone on a beer tour, which I'm sure he will adore. I wasn't quite feeling energetic enough for a beer tour, so an early night for me because we have an early start tomorrow.


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