Sunday, 15 February 2015

A lightning-fast update...

I'll have to sit down and do a proper update in the next few weeks. My goodness, how times have changed since my last post! Probably the biggest thing is that I've finally flown the coop (for good this time), and have moved in with Sean. It is such a relief to be in a financial position to do that! Also I have another trip planned - what a surprise! - and will be jetting off to Japan in August for three weeks.

But I've just popped onto the blog real fast to make anyone still reading this aware of this remarkable kid, and the song she has written. I get the Make-A-Wish newsletter thingy in the post, and thought I'd buy her song. It's real sweet, she's got a gorgeous voice, and the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish, to help other children who are spending their time fighting cancer and other nasty diseases when they should be enjoying their childhood.

Cheers all xx