Thursday, 2 February 2012

Final day in Berlin

Last night we partook in amazing salad and pasta with zucchini sauce. It was extremely delicious, and we then had a very chilled night chatting to people and eating chocolate. This morning after a failed Skype attempt, we went to Hauptbahnhof to double-check we could get to Prague tomorrow and then Cara headed to the Kennedy museum and Sean, Alfie and I went to the German Historical Museum. Our tour guide the other day had told us it was his favourite museum in Berlin and we had good reports from people at our hostel who had been yesterday. For 6 euro, you get access to their permanent exhibition as well as their temporary exhibitions, and it is easily the sort of place you could spend the entire day. We only had a portion of the afternoon, and therefore only had the time to walk through the permanent exhibition. It pretty much runs through every single aspect of German history you can think of, from pre-medieval times to about 1994. They have all sorts of cool artefacts, films, documents and photographs, and most of the descriptions are in German and English, so it is clear what you are looking at. I was quite tired, and I don't feel as though I appreciated it as much as I could have if I were feeling more sprightly, but I'm glad I went. We had loosely planned to meet up at Spreepark with some people from our hostel. Spreepark is an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin that you can jump the fence and see all the old attractions. But by the time we left the Historical Museum, it was getting pretty cold and dark so we headed home. We will probably go and buy some ingredients for dinner tonight, and I don't think we'll go out. We need to be up and packed tomorrow to head to Prague! It seems a pity to be leaving Berlin; it's definitely a place I could stay in much longer to drink in more history. And the food and alcohol is so cheap! But we have heard wonderful things about Prague, so I am looking forward to that too.


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