Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Torquay and Weymouth

I had scrambled eggs made with clotted cream for breakfast today and they were super delicious. Then we packed up and headed off! We drove from Cornwall to Torquay, the extraordinary seaside town where Agatha Christie was from. We drove around the town for ages trying to get our bearings and find a park, but when we finally did, we walked out onto the sunny harbour, right next to the information centre! We didn't have very long to spend, so we decided on a couple of things to do and had a cup of tea to recharge. Then we headed off to the Torquay Museum, where they have the Agatha Christie gallery. The gallery was only small, but really informative and interesting. I can't get over how prolific she was, and I've got a list of all her works that I'm going to work through over the next few years. Marnie bought me a lovely copy of A Pocketful of Rye from the gift shop, so I'll have to get started on that soon.

After the museum, we walked back to the harbour, looking at a few shops and eventually locating a bust of the author that I had to take a selfie with. Then it was lunchtime, a true English seaside lunch of fish and chips, and clotted cream ice cream. Sitting in the sun in front of the harbour after the last few days of fog and mist was bliss! Then it was back in the car, and onto Weymouth, another lovely seaside town. Our accommodation is pretty cramped, and up about a million tiny staircases, which is not easy with the amount of luggage we have. There is also a lack of parking, but we've managed so far, and the view from our room makes up for it. We are right on the beach, with the seagulls and the sand and the sun. We walked along the Esplanade to the Wetherspoons for dinner, and now we're back in our tiny room. I'm trying to organise my luggage for tomorrow. I'm going to London for a night, but I won't be taking my computer, so there won't be a blog for a couple of days. Until then! xx


Selfie with Agatha. She's taller.

English seaside

Our accommodation

Our front garden

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