Sunday, 6 April 2014

Minack Theatre and St Michael's Mount

After another wonderful breakfast (I tell you, we're getting really spoiled in these B&Bs), we got into the car and headed into a wet, windy fog to Porthcurno, home of the fabulous Minack Theatre. Mum and Dad had been to the theatre before and were determined to show me. It has surpassed my every expectation. It was built by Rowena Cade, who lugged sand and granite up from the beach to the cliffside of her property. She began construction when she was around 40, and continued working every winter, in all weathers, until her death just short of her 90th birthday. I think she was part mountain goat. It is a stunning open-air amphitheatre with a thriving theatre season through the warmer months, though there was a company rehearsing a performance of Grease that we could watch which was hilarious in this weather.

We sat in the cafe for a bit and then kept driving, through the tiny town of Mousehole (apparently pronounced 'Mow-zle'). It was terrifying, with it's teeny-tiny Cornwall-sized streets, which are only wide enough for a small car to drive through. If you meet someone coming the opposite way, you need to back up, or wait for them to move. One little old man nearly ran us off the road. We were terrified he would damage the car, but he squeezed through by the breadth of a hair and stressed us out proper. But Mousehole was still beautiful, and provided some nice photo ops.

Then we continued onto St Michael's Mount. It is an island situated off the coast of Cornwall and the town of Marazion. A castle and a tiny village sit on top of it, and the castle is still lived in today, by the St Aubyn family who have owned it since the 17th century. You can visit the castle and gardens but we didn't do that today - maybe next time. The really exciting bit is walking across the Causeway. At low tide, it is possible to walk from the mainland to the island, and depending on your patience depends how wet you get. We dashed across and only got our shoes wet, because we don't exactly have the luxury of a regular washing/dry-cleaning schedule, but there were a few people content to wade through earlier, despite the freezing water.

On the Mount, we took a bunch of photos and visited the gift shop, but were a bit too cold for anything else, so we headed back over the (much drier) Causeway and got back in the car. We drove back to St Austell and I fell asleep while navigating, but we managed. Back home now, fed and watered, ready for bed, but I should really try and do some homework. We'll see.

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