Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Quest for the Fairy Ring

This morning we decided to take a bus trip around the island. There is a bus that goes around the coast, one clockwise, one anti-clockwise, leaving every two hours in winter. We wanted to go to the west coast to go on a walk that Annette had described to us the other day, that involved a star-shaped fort and a fairy ring. We hopped off the bus where we thought it might be and went for a beautiful, meandering walk in the sunshine in completely the wrong area. We discovered this when we asked a local for directions. However, it was stunning, and I got some great photos. The coast is dotted with forts and bunkers and towers, many of which we passed, and we found a hedge-veg stall selling books for 20p. I bought two. We had coffee and a snack and got back on the bus when it came around again, then got off at the correct stop. The walk was long and winding, up and down hills and along roads with bunkers hidden behind the vegetation. We came into view of the star-shaped fort, and just round the corner was the fairy ring! Through the rock next to it, was the land's end, the very edge of the island. We had a good view of Les Hanois Lighthouse, which the Germans apparently used to punish their own soldiers for misbehaviour. We took more photos, had a quick explore of the fort, then walked back the way we came, stopping for more refreshments while we waited for the bus.


Fairy Ring

Hidden entrance to bunker - the door beyond the little tunnel had a skull and crossbones on it
I had wanted to go the German Occupation Museum, but decided not to - I was a bit too tired, and thought I'd actually learned quite a bit on Annette's tour the other day. (Also, did you know the island of Alderney had 1100 people before the war, and all but 7 departed for England before the invasion? Amazing.) We took the bus back to the terminus at St Peter Port, and I went to spend my remaining money on books and a late lunch. Then we all met back at the B&B. Tonight we need to pack, because tomorrow we're swanning off to France. Next time I blog will probably be from St Malo!
Land's End



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