Sunday, 20 April 2014

Au revoir Maman!

Mum left for Avignon this morning, which meant we were up and out of the apartment by 7.30, to make our way to Gare de Lyon to see her off! We found her train and platform with no trouble and she shouted us hot drinks which tasted wonderful. We stood on the platform to wave her off and I felt like a proud parent, which is an odd way to feel about your mother. Afterwards, Marnie and I took the metro to Saint-Lazare and bought tickets to Vernon, to see Monet's garden. We will probably use them on Tuesday, but I wanted to make sure we had them organised. I tried out my French (the ticket people spoke great English anyway, but I like trying) and success! Then we headed back to the apartment.

I have an assignment I need to complete before I leave Paris, because it is due the day after I arrive home, and the very last thing I will be capable of while jetlagged is cramming an assignment. It's not ideal, but it is what it is. So today and tomorrow are assignment writing days. Now, I'm not just going to sit in the middle of beautiful Montmartre staring at my computer screen, so we broke up the rest of the day with walks. We went to Rue Lepic again to get a couple more groceries, some souvenirs, and a fresh baguette. Then at home we assembled amazing lunches and I sat and did my assignment while I ate and listened to the sounds of Montmartre floating through the window. It's a warm and sunny day today, so we went for another walk a couple of hours later and headed for Sacre Coeur Basilica. The crowds were enormous. I think it was a combination of Easter church-goers, Sunday afternoon Parisians and market enthusiasts, people visiting the city for the long weekend, and the nice weather. Anyway, we couldn't even get close to the basilica, so we walked a sort of scenic route out of the crowds and down through the tiny streets. I bought important essentials, like macarons, and then home again! Now I'm procrastinating and Marnie is reading her book. Lovely day, and I even got a bit of work done (I've really got to knuckle down tomorrow though).

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