Thursday, 1 March 2012

Waterstones is my favourite

Another glorious day, involving a sleep-in, washing my hair, breakfast at a lovely cafe and a two-hour trip to Waterstones (including actual purchases! Exciting!). We also did productive things, like buying toiletries and booking our train to Edinburgh and registering me as a temporary resident so I can go to the doctor tomorrow about my dicky back. Then Sean and I met up with Belinda and had curry for dinner before seeing A Streetcar Named Desire at the Liverpool Playhouse. I really enjoyed it, and that play is a favourite of mine, so I am usually hard to please. I thought Blanche was the standout, but Sam Troughton played Stanley and I have never seen him play a role like that, so that was enjoyable. And Monica from Shameless was Eunice! A grand evening all round. Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! I love you!

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