Monday, 12 March 2012

Lazy days - still my fave

Sleep-in this morning! A completely rocking sleep-in. My back has really, really started bothering me in the last week, but I have worked out it hurts less if I sleep on my stomach. So I was quite rested when I finally got up. We went for a breakfast baguette and to book our tickets to Holyhead, before Sean went off exploring and I retired to the hostel to chill out.

Oh! And I am no longer backpacking around Europe. I am suitcasing, 70 hard earned pounds later. My back was really frustrating me, so I turfed my pack and went to M&S and bought a suitcase on wheels, that will hopefully help my back heal.

We went to a pub for dinner that had half-price everything on Mondays, and then went to Chippy Alley to get chips with curry sauce. I've wanted to eat these in Wales since the characters on Gavin & Stacey debated their appeal. They were quite nice! Gravy's better though...

I really like Cardiff. It's a pretty city, but it seems very quiet compared to a lot of other places. The people are friendly and there seem to be a lot of retirees. I could easily stay here a lot longer - maybe one day I will! We need to be up at 6am to catch our train to Holyhead tomorrow. Ew. Until then, readers! xx

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