Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Phew, what a day! We were up at 6, and at the station by 6.45. Quick breakfast, then on a long train ride at 7.21, which I slept and listened to my iPod for most of. We arrived at Holyhead at 12.15 and had some lunch, before jumping on the ferry at 2.10. On the ferry we went to the cinema and watched the Muppet movie, which was just as good the second time round, and we were in Dublin by 5.30. A quick bus ride, and an even quicker walk and we were at our hostel!

Kim met us out the front and it was so good to see her! We pretty much chatted non-stop for the next four hours, during which time we set up in our room, went to a pub for a lengthy dinner, and stopped for a quick grocery squiz before heading back to the room. The hostel is not nearly as bad as we had expected. Due to Sean's unstoppable need to read reviews on everywhere we are staying, we had worked ourselves into such a state we pretty much expected to be sleeping in some sort of dilapidated prison. But it's totally fine. Not the best, but we have a private room and our own bathroom, and it will be more than fine for a week. Now to head to bed relatively early, so we can start on the sightseeing tomorrow!


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