Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lying on the floor for two days and other activities

The last two days have involved long stretches of lying on my side on the floor while reading. Not terribly exciting, but unfortunately, necessary. Nevermind, I am still managing to surf a lot of Net and read a lot of books. I've also done a lot of other boring jobs like washing, posting stuff home and printing off my boarding pass to fly to Liverpool tomorrow. I've had AMAZING curries for dinner both nights at the Wetherspoons pub which is this uber cheap and tasty chain throughout the UK, and last night we went to the Peader O'Donnell's pub for some traditional Irish music. It's full of Irish people who are excited to see tourists and they are really friendly and chatty. I got a kiss and told I was a 'gorgeous gal'. Ah, Ireland :)

This afternoon we went on a walking tour around the Bogside and the city walls. I did the same tour about 4 years ago and from what I can remember it was really different, and just as enjoyable. Tomorrow I am headed back to Belinda and Andrew's and Sean is headed to Cardiff, then London. It will be weird to be separated from him after living in each other's pockets for 9 weeks, but we'll be meeting up in Newcastle in ten days to visit his family, so it's not for long!

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