Thursday, 13 August 2015

Sayonara Hiroshima!

I'd like to apologise to the readers of yesteryear who were privy to a more well-written blog than I am managing these days. I used to have the energy to pull together eloquent, humorous and entertaining posts (modest ones, too), but now I feel like I am literally just listing what we did and putting some photos up. Perhaps these will not be as much fun to read back over, but at the moment, all I am aiming for is a record of what I did, so I can remember it later.

Today the humidity was OFF THE SCALE and we also had a lot of rain. However, we managed to pack in a pretty full day, which I am feeling right now, let me tell you. We went to the Peace Park again this morning, and though the Museum was still very busy, we were able to see more of it than yesterday. A highlight for me was a small collection of the paper cranes folded by Sadako Sasaki.

After a watermelon icy pole (yasssssss) and a metric crap-ton of water, we took the tram and ferry back to Miyajima - again, still crowded, but nothing like what we had previously experienced! We walked to a cafe that Dad and I had previously discovered in 2013 that did almost Melbourne-quality coffee. It did not disappoint Sean! We dodged deer and rainstorms to walk up and down the shopping strip, and we ended up at the Museum of Historical and Folklore Materials - a wonderful little museum that contains really interesting artefacts, but very little English explanations of them. Still easily worth the 300yen admission fee, especially for the traditional house and garden within.

Afterwards we bought DEEP FRIED MOMIJI MANJU (see above), and then I purchased my weight in regular momiji manju to take back to our apartment. We headed back on the train, collapsed beneath the air conditioner and had a nap, then headed out for a final Hiroshima dinner at Ippudo! I will miss this city, even though it's not as exciting as Tokyo. I intend to come back with the Peace Park Museum renovations are finished!

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