Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cookin' Nanta!!

After staying up talking and watching Youtube videos for far too long last night, we didn't leave the house until midday today, and even then, it was only because we had pre-purchased tickets to a show. It was called Cookin Nanta, and all I really knew about it was that it involved percussion and cooking and was supposed to be amazing. And that's pretty much all you need to know - if you ever have the opportunity to see it, TAKE IT. It was brilliant. We weren't allowed to take photos which sucked because Sean (of course!) got pulled up on stage for some of the audience participation stuff, which was HILARIOUS and he got a commemorative pic of his bows! Yay! I'm going to try and embed a trailer for the show from Youtube, so bear with me...

Hopefully that works. Basically it's a comedy that follows a very loose plot - a kitchen full of chefs trying to get a wedding banquet ready in time - and involves some truly unbelievable tricks with knives, food, physical comedy, and an absolutely huge amount of drumming. The audience was loving every second, and the unrelenting energy of the performers was so infectious. I would definitely see this again.

Afterwards we walked through Myeong-dong, which is a really popular shopping district, and sampled lots of the street food that is out and about - I had a chicken kebab and some pork dumplings which did not disappoint. There were hundreds of stalls though, and had I a bigger stomach, I would have tried a lot more! We stopped to sit down at a random coffee shop and I also had a DELICIOUS yuzu chamomile ice thing, which uses the same yuzu fruit as the restaurant in Kyoto! We made our way over to a traditional district, known as Bukchon Hanok Village, where we were able to walk through the little streets, admire the old houses, and stickybeak in the shops. I bought a cute little ring with an 'E' on it - not expensive, just as a memento - and by this time, I was feeling pretty tired! Sean and Keith wanted to kick on, so I left them to it and came back to the apartment. I've definitely reached that point in my travels where I need a solid day of rest, but we have such a limited time in Seoul and such a small part of the holiday left that I don't want to miss out! I think another sleep in is in order tomorrow.

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