Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Post-quarter century news.

Got 10,000 words down for my idea set during the English Reformation, but that is piddling compared to the oodles of research I've been doing. Developing this idea has turned into an exercise in beast-wrangling, but it's my own little beast which I adore at the moment, so that's nice. (I am under no illusions as to how much I will soon hate and abhor this idea. It is part of the life-cycle of novel-writing. I will however, try and enjoy liking it while it lasts).

I have just finished three weeks of library placement and can safely say that working more would suit me down to the ground, so if anyone out there wants to give me a (preferably library-involving) permanent job that would be super helpful. I feel better in myself when I'm 'working', as in, not sitting at home being unemployed with only homework and my own non-revenue-generating hobbies to distract me. I've just turned 25. Being financially-independent seems like a super thing to be by now. Rant over.

Library placement was wonderful and educational and affirming - very relieving to discover I love it and I haven't wasted the last few years of study on something that wouldn't make me happy. And I've been so lucky in that time to travel as much as I have. I'm fully ready to be a grown-up now, guys. I've been saving the little money I do get, so I haven't done much involving expenses (bring on EOFY), but I've filled my spare time by reading (a LOT) and watching adaptations of classic English novels. It's been fun. Pointless, but fun.

One day I might have something interesting to blog about again!

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