Friday, 8 March 2013

Misogynists on Twitter (Language and trigger warnings!)

Despite it being a waste of time and somewhat pointless because trolls are trolls, I spent a large portion of last night weighing in on an argument on Twitter. It began as some douchebag with the handle @GregJessop1 tweeting to well-known writer Clementine Ford (who has over 14,000 followers). See below.
Birth of a troll
Of course, he's an idiot to begin with. If you call someone a 'sarcastic nasty little bitch' after insulting their talent and comment on the 'worthless'ness of a women's studies degree, ON A PUBLIC FORUM, you can't turn around and act surprised when people decide to tell you where to stick it. Welcome to the internet.

It was somewhat heartening to see hundreds of women and men jumping to Clementine's defense, not that she needs it. The conversation spiraled into many different threads and basically deteriorated into Mr Jessop claiming that he understood why men raped women because feminists had destroyed the traditional family units and now women were more promiscuous and not settling down, so if the sex is available why not just take it?


There isn't enough time in the world to screencap every little gem that this guy came up with (and also, his tweets got very c-bomby and sweary after that) but he also claimed to be married himself, to a woman who hated feminists. Right. Yep. Sure, mate. He also felt completely comfortable calling women out for swearing in their tweets, despite having quite a colourful mouth himself. Oh, and lets not forget, what goes on the internet, stays on the internet.

From quite a while ago now. I remember when this made the news.
Anyway, the funniest part of all of this came this morning, when he seems to think he's won. Lolcats. Currently as I write this, he's informed Twitter that it's impossible for prostitutes to be raped, that married women need to shut up and make themselves available for sex whenever their husband wants it because it's their duty, and told me that he doesn't give 'a single fuck' about the opinions of feminists. (Yes, Greg. You're blue in the face replying to us all because YOU DON'T CARE. Sure.) 

Part of me is disgusted by this vile specimen of humanity, and part of me can't help but be deeply amused by his attitude. Obviously its a terrible and damaging attitude to have (along with tweet evidence that he is homophobic, racist and anti-Islamic as well), but the sheer weight of hundreds of people contradicting his every argument makes my heart swell, and makes me laugh as he turns to slinging insults instead of trying to argue back.

Well, I've got better things to do than devote any more time to this. Just wanted to share. I know some people find it odd that I care so much about this feminism and equality business, but this guy right here? Exhibit A.

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