Thursday, 8 March 2012


After a dreadful night's sleep (I've had some sort of terrible reaction to my anti-inflammatories and my back is doubly sore) we hopped back onto the bus and went to Eilean Donan Castle to actually look inside. I was feeling so rotten I actually gave it a pass to sit on the bus instead, but it saved me 4 quid so it wasn't all bad. After this we drove a long way to Fort William, but I slept for most of it which was better. Fort William is Britain's wettest city because it's right under Ben Nevis, Britain's highest peak, which really draws in the clouds. And it was perfectly demonstrating it today. It bucketed down for most of today. It didn't stop us getting a nice lunch in Fort William and when we got back on the bus we braved the weather and went to THE HARRY POTTER BRIDGE!!! It's a viaduct, the oldest in Britain (I think...) and the Hogwarts Express crosses it!! I had to walk up a muddy, rocky path in the rain, but I would do it again dammit! It was amazing :) After this we stopped at Inverlochy Castle, which are just ruins which are free to walk around. Again, it was rainy and muddy, but it didn't stop us and it was really cool to see. Then we drove to Oban Backpackers where will be spending the night. Oban is a little fishing village and we had some of the best fish and chips I have ever tasted tonight for dinner. Tonight we are going to a traditional Ceilidh pub for traditional dancing and music. I am so tired, but I don't want to miss this, so I am going for a bit.

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