Saturday, 18 February 2012

Mmmm, sunny Barcelona.

I love you Barcelona!! After a biiiiiig sleep-in, a looooong shower, and a blog, Seanus cooked some beautiful breakfast and we met Cara at Park Guell. Park Guell is on a hill in Barcelona (a very steep hill. There are outdoor escalators to access it.) and it has wonderful architecture by Gaudi all throughout it. It was a sunny, warm, clear day and there were stunning views of Barcelona from the very top of the peak. You walk up all these twisty paths with some brilliant buskers along the way. When we went down the slope, we came to a paved area with a long, curved, mosaic park bench with the waves of a sea serpent. There was a very festive protest against privatisation going on in the middle of this bit. My blog really can't describe how most of this park looked, because it was just so unlike anything I'd seen before. Make sure you check out the pics on facebook when they go up in a day or two.

We got ice-cream and took the train back to the hostel. Then we chilled out for a couple of hours while we waited for Cara, who had gone to see Casa Batllo. Sean and I headed out to try and find a supposed carneval parade, but we ended up just finding a kid's one. But we had a wonderful walk down La Rambla, seeing all the artists, and spruikers and pet stores and food places. We stopped for a pina colada at the Travel Bar on the way back and now we are back at the hostel. We are about to head out for paella with an American girl we met in Berlin, but it will be interesting to see if we can find her at the paella place! Will blog soon


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