Saturday, 25 February 2012

Another warm and sunny day!

Another big day! They're slowly catching up with me as I'm sick again, but never mind! Health is for squares. This morning after the routine pub breakfast, I sent another package home and bought some socks and underwear from Primark. Then we bought some cheap tickets for tonights show of We Will Rock You (yeahhhhh!) and then headed to the Tower of London! We went on the 60 minute tour by the Yeoman Warder and our warder, Steve, was extremely entertaining. Amazingly, the Yeoman Warders live in the tower. Apparently all up there are 140 people actually living in the tower and I, personally, cannot think of a cooler place to live. He showed us the Bell Tower, where 3 queens of England have been imprisoned (Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard and Lady Jane Grey), the Traitor's Gate, and a real working portcullis. We saw the Bloody Tower, where Walter Ralegh was imprisoned and the two little princes were (probably) murdered. We saw the White Tower and the tower ravens that live there for luck. We saw St Peter's ad Vincula chapel and Steve showed us exactly where Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, Jane Rochford, Jane Grey and Margaret Pole are buried. Exhilarating stuff. After the tour we visited the Jewel House and saw the Crown Jewels, before splitting off to see more. The day was sunny and beautiful and I walked around the top of the wall and visited, among others, the Wakefield Tower, the Salt Tower, the Lanthorn Tower, the Cradle Tower and the Beauchamp Tower, where Lady Jane Grey's supporters have carved her name into the wall, among hundreds of other prisoner's graffiti.

After reuniting and a quick giftshop browse, we jumped on a ferry from Tower Pier to Westminster Pier. Seeing the London skyline from the Thames really is a lovely way to see the city and the sun was setting making for some great photo ops. We saw lots of familiar sights and some new ones, including Daniel Radcliffe's school (wwwoooohhh, fan moment). We then went back to Waterloo so Sean and I could show the girls the market we found last night and we all had delicious dinners from there (I had an amazing wrap with cheesy risotto in it. And hot cider. And macarons.) Then...WE WILL ROCK YOU!! I don't care what anyone says. It's an amazing show and I had as much fun as I had when I saw it four years ago. Queen's music is amazing and the energy the performers put into it is infectious. Freddie Mercury is presented as the hero he is (and there was an awesome photo exhibition in the foyer of images from his life and career, including baby Freddie) and the voices in the cast are unbelievable!! I am so glad I saw it again :)

We have a slightly less hectic, but still busy day planned for tomorrow, so I shall go now, but know I am missing you all! xxxx  

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