Friday, 1 June 2012


Who has two thumbs and 46,000 words on their first draft? Me! *points to self with two thumbs* Over the last few weeks I have managed to stick (95% of the time) to the 2000 word limit a day I have set myself. Some days it is easy, some days it feels like pulling teeth with no anesthetic, but I DO IT ANYWAY. CHYEAH. I have also been back to the rheumatologist and although we still don't quite know what's up with my arthritis, the cortisone is working as an excellent painkiller and I have been given the green light to find work...soooooo if anyone out in the blogosphere wants to give me a job, hit me up :) Looking for a job is one of the most soul-crushingly depressing processes, so I am hoping it ain't too painful this time, but I need money. Working in a library has been a dream of mine for a while now, and it's the kind of place that could allow me to keep writing on the side... One day. One day.

Also, first rehearsal for a new show last night - the first in a year for me, and it was so much fun. Helped with the cabin fever too! Oh and I have new bookshelves. It looks like there is a library in the corner of my bedroom. It's amazing. Oh and a new phone! Well, a lovely second hand one that used to belong to the lovely Sean, but its heaps of fun to play with. In the meantime I have been watching Community and going to a couple of events for the Emerging Writer's Festival.

Yes. Life is good :)

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