Thursday, 19 April 2012

Singin' In The Rain

I have now sent home 7 packages, and I hope that will be it! Yesterday we did some routine errands - finding a post office, booking Matilda tickets, calling Sean's relatives in South Shields - before heading off to the West End to see Blood Brothers. The box office people were kind of unhelpful, but to cut a long story short, we didn't get to see it. No matter, we wandered down the street, just to see, out of interest, if there were any reasonably priced seats available for Singin' In The Rain. Neither of us had ever seen the movie or the show - I know, terrible of us, really terrible - but we ended up getting seats for 25 pounds (they were classed as 'restricted view', but we had no trouble with the view at all). After an insanely delicious dinner at a Mexican place, we took our seats in the auditorium. I loved it!! The dancing and the chorey were just mental. I'm not a dancer, but I know mind-blowing steps when they're done in front of me and this stuff was so good it hurt. Particularly, of course, the climactic numbers in the actual rain. The first four rows of the audience got a generous soaking, but we were safe back in row H. The girl who played Kathy was the standout, but we saw the Lina Lamont understudy and she was wonderful. I'm so glad that our first Singin' In The Rain experience was a production of such quality and magnitude. Afterwards, we hightailed back to Shepherd's Bush to make sure we got in before Tim and Helen went to bed. We thanked them for having us, though there is no way we could possibly repay them for their kindness, and wished them luck for Egypt (exciting!) before dropping into bed. This morning we got up, packed up and headed to King's Cross where we caught a train to Newcastle. We are staying in South Gosforth in a place we found on airbnb. Our lovely hosts are Nigel (away at the moment) and his lovely wife Anna and their beautiful daughter Sarah-Jane. And their cat, Buttons, who I shall be taking back to Aus with me. Sean and I went for dinner at a nice Italian place, had a quick pint at the pub, and came back for an early night. Phew!

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